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This is the home page of this members-only web site. This site was extensively redesigned and updated to the latest web standards during the rainy weather brought on by hurricane Sandy in late October, 2012.

We have briefly described below the various parts of the web site. Do explore.

We don't post or keep personal information on this website. You can obtain an up-to-date copy of the Brandywyne Contact List by emailing: You can also update your own contact information using this same email address.

If you have a problem that needs to be reported to the Association immediately, you can call Berkeley Management at 757-229-6810, ext. 209 and speak to Diane Clarcq.

If the problem is not urgent, you can email any of the contacts below. All of the email addresses will be one word plus an @ sign followed by

president, treasurer, poolandclubhouse, arc, beautification, irrigation, rulesnregs, social

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What's New on the Site

Links to the newest items posted on the site to draw your attention to them. Note that these items open up in a new browser window.

Board Meeting information packet - updated 10/6/18

Most recent Board meeting minutes

Preliminary 2019 budget

Most recent package of financial reports

2018 Final Budget approved at the November Board meeting

Most Recent Vendor list

2017 revision\update to the 2012 Reserve Study

Brandywyne resident complaint procedure

An 8 page pdf document with a ton of useful information for Williamsburg residents

Payment Options for Assessments if you've misplaced your coupon book

Draft Minutes of the 4/15/2018 Annual Meeting updated April 16, 2018

Grinder Pump Service Call Protocol - all owners should be aware of what to do if the horn or light on a nearby grinder pump goes off. Adopted by the Board on 1/10/12.

Grinder Pump Repair Protocol - an outline of how we decide questions of repair versus replacement. Adopted by the Board on 1/10/12.

Wmbg Police Dept House Check Request - this is a two page form that should be printed back-to-back. Deliver the completed form to the police department to have then check your house twice a day while you are away for a maximum of 30 days.

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BOA Calendar

This page has a calendar listing all BOA activities.

BOA Committees

This page lists all of the committees of the BOA and lists at least the Board representative and the Chairman if not all the members. You can contact the appropriate person using your Contact List if you want to become involved.

City Government News

Schedules of key meetings - City Council, Planning Commission, etc.
Minutes of Williamsburg Neighborhood Council meetings
Information from Citizens Volunteer Corps
Start here.

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BOA Newsletters

This page contains pdf versions (these look just like the original printed version) of all newsletters published by the BOA. You can read these online, download them or print them.

We have also placed here compilations of articles that are provided to new owners. These include:

BOA Documents

This page provides access to the BOA governing documents in searchable html format as well as printable (and searchable) pdf format.

BOA Forms

This page has printable copies of the following forms that you might require:

Owners who are selling their home need to provide a Resale Information Packet to their buyer. The seller's realtor is the one who requests this packet. They should contact Berkeley Property Management at 229-6810 and ask for CJ Jones.

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Past BOA Meetings

All meetings of the membership and Board of Directors must have minutes taken. These minutes are available to all members here.

For ease of reference, we also post here a copy of the Book of Resolutions maintained by the Board. This book is an extract of the Board's minutes. It contains copies of all policy (as opposed to administrative) resolutions passed by the Board or Board-created committees. Such resolutions function as additional rules and it behooves owners to be aware of them.

Other Useful Information for BOA Owners

This page is to place a variety of interesting pieces of information from a variety of sources. We expect to post the date posted and the source of the post.

BOA Photo Archive

In line with our policy, there is no personal information displayed here but the pictures are enjoyable to look at and bring back memories.

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